Friday, January 22, 2010

Pain and Puffy Cheeks

Hi, guys! How are you guys doing? I just want to tell you guys that I got four of my wisdom teeth extracted yesterday. It's been a day since the extraction and as you guys can see my cheeks are puffy and right now, I'm just hoping for the puffiness to go down as soon as possible. I can barely talk right now and on top of that, school work is getting heavier. I just can't wait for this semester to end because I'm taking the summer off for a little trip back to my hometown which is located in Medan, Indonesia. What have you guys been up to lately?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Alexander McQueen

Hey, everybody!!! How have you guys been? I just want to say sorry for not posting as much anymore. The new semester has already started and unfortunately this semester sucks. I'm currently taking accounting, statistics and information technology so I'm going to be really busy for the next three months. Anyway, I just ordered by the Alexander McQueen Skull scarf and I'm so fucking excited!! I'm planning on collecting all of them.